Agricultural Wages Board

Appointments Competition 2015

We are holding a competition for a new appointment of an Independent Member to sit on the Board.  Below are all the downloadable documents or alternatively please call 02890 524 873 for a posted hard copy:

This competition opens at 0900 on Monday 24 November 2014 and closes at 1600 on Friday 19 December 2014.

Composition of the Board

The Agricultural Wages Board for Northern Ireland is a statutory body which meets 3 times a year to determine the minimum gross wages payable to agricultural workers and to set some conditions for holiday and sick pay entitlement.  Please click here to see the current Rates of Pay, Orders and Reports
The Board is made up of 1 Chairperson, 2 Independent Members, 6 Members from Unite to represent employees and 6 Members from the Ulster Farmers' Union to represent employers.
The Chair and 2 Independent Members are appointed by the Minister of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Ulster Farmers’ Union and Unite appoint their own representatives to the Board.
Name Position on Board   Where They Come From  
Mr Rodger McKnight          Chair Co Antrim
Mr Andy Popplewell Independent Co Down
Ms Eileen Mullan Independent Co Down
Mr Gareth Scott Unite Co Londonderry
Mr Ronnie Corbett Unite Co Tyrone
Mr Sean McAllister Unite Co Down
Mr Andy Smyth Unite Co Tyrone
Mr Peter McCrea Unite Co Tyrone
Mr Stephen Bradley Unite Co Londonderry
Mr Wilbert Mayne UFU Co Tyrone
Mr Crosby Cleland UFU Co Down
Mr Thomas Douglas UFU Co Tyrone
Mr Chris Osborne UFU Co Down
Mr Roy Lyttle UFU Co Down
Mr Robert McCloy UFU Co Londonderry

All Members of the Board can claim for attendance at meetings, travel to meetings and child or dependent care as follows:
Position Rate per Meeting
Chair £265.00
Independent Member                 £138.00
Ordinary Members £26.32

Travel Expenses
Members are entitled to claim reimbursement of travel expenses for attendance at Board meetings at the Northern Ireland Civil Service mileage rates.

Child & Dependant Care
Members are entitled to claim reimbursement of expenses due to child or dependent care for attendance at Board meetings at a reasonable rate.