Alternative Formats

DARD is committed to making the information it provides is as accessible as possible for its customers, visitors and staff.  Information can be made available in a range of alternative formats including Easy Read, Braille, audio, large print or translations into different languages.

Easyread Documents

DARD will provide Easyread versions to accompany longer documents, over 30 pages long, which aim to assist those who may have a reading, learning, dyslexia or comprehension difficulty.

Language Translations

As well as English, many other languages are used in Northern Ireland including indigenous languages (Irish and Ulster-Scots) minority ethnic languages, and British and Irish sign language. DARD will consider requests from customers to provide key information in these and other languages too.

Braille & Audio

On request DARD will consider and provide audio and braille versions of publications and documents. To request an audio or braille version of a document contact the Equality Branch for details.

Contact Details

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
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Telephone: 028 9052 4919
Fax: 028 9052 4884
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