TB Strategic Partnership Group

On 17 September 2013, Minister O’Neill announced to the NI Assembly Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Committee that she intended to establish a Government/industry strategic partnership to develop a long term strategy to eradicate TB from the cattle population in the north.

Minister O’Neill said: "Eradication of TB is a key priority for me. I want this strategy, which will be jointly owned by government and the industry, to be all embracing and address all the issues such as TB compensation; improving biosecurity; improving communications with farmers and vets; and developing our ability to address the wildlife factor. The strategy should also seek to re-energise relationships with all industry stakeholders; consider as appropriate the enhancement of primary and secondary legislation; and consider other means to tackle and eradicate the disease."
The TB Strategic Partnership Group (TBSPG) will be a high level advisory group of independent members and senior government officials to advise the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Appointment of the Chair of the TBSPG

Mr Sean Hogan was appointed to the position of Chair of the TBSPG for a term of three years with effect from 10 July 2014.
In making the announcement, Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill said: "Mr Hogan brings both considerable experience of working with a variety of public bodies, and knowledge of the issues facing the farming industry, to the post and will be well placed to develop a long term strategy to eradicate TB from the cattle population in the north of Ireland.
"Mr Hogan will bring his knowledge and energy to bear on this costly and disruptive animal disease. I look forward to the development of a comprehensive and practical implementation plan to progressively reduce TB levels in cattle here, with the ultimate aim being eradication of this scourge."
This appointment was made in accordance with the spirit of the CPANI Code of Practice.

Appointment of Independent Members of the TBSPG

DARD has also appointed 4 Independent Members for the TBSPG. They are: Dr George McIlroy, Dr Cecil McMurray C.B.E., Mr John Thompson and Mr Campbell Tweed O.B.E., and these appointments are for a term of three years with effect from 25 September 2014.
Further information about the TBSPG is available at the links below: