Equality Impact Assessment for the relocation of the DARD Headquarters

Equality Impact Assessment for the Relocation of the DARD Headquarters

Advancing the relocation of the DARD headquarters is a commitment in the Executive’s Programme for Government (2011- 2015). On 3rd September 2012, Minister O’Neill MLA announced her decision to consider Ballykelly as the location for the new DARD headquarters. The Minister has also announced her intention to relocate the headquarters of Rivers Agency to Loughry, the headquarters of Fisheries Division to South Down and the headquarters of Forest Service to Fermanagh.
In taking forward the relocation programme, the Department remains fully committed to meeting its statutory equality duties. Section 75 of the NI Act (1998) requires public authorities in carrying out their functions to have due regard to the need to promote equality of opportunity and regard to the desirability of promoting good relations across a range of categories.
From April to July 2013 the Department undertook formal consultation into the equality impacts of relocating its headquarters to Ballykelly. The other three relocations were subject to the same EQIA process but were screened out on the basis that the learning from the consultation on the major move to Ballykelly informed the potential equality impacts of the other relocations. The screening document for the other three can be viewed at the links below. The EQIA Report below assesses the equality impacts of all four relocations.
The Department also commits to publishing the outcome of any future analysis of the impacts of relocation.

Equality Impact Assessment of the Relocation of the DARD Headquarters

EQIA Formal Consultation

Screening Documents