Animal Feed

Agri food inspection Branch (AfIB) implements European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK) legislation relating to animal feeds. This involves inspection of establishments producing and marketing animal feeds and feed ingredients, checks on imports of animal feed and feed ingredients and inspection of on-farm facilities for production of animal feeds (home-mixers).

The Branch is also responsible for approving certain establishments using animal medicines or other specified feed additives and also implements a program of sampling and testing of feeds and feed ingredients.

Contingency Plan

Unauthorised Substances

Information on Designated Point of Entry High Risk Import Costs

Since 25 January 2010 imports of certain feed and food of non-animal origin, from certain non-EU countries, that are considered to be 'high-risk' can only enter the UK through specific ports and airports approved as Designated Points of Entry (DPEs) where official controls will be carried out. Belfast Port is a DPE. A list of the 'high-risk' products, country of origin and the frequency of checks can be found at Annex 1 of Commission Regulation (EC) 669/2009 (as amended). Fees will be payable to the relevant authority where controls apply and will not be higher than the costs incurred by the authority in accordance with Article 27(4) of Regulation (EC) No 882/2004, and the criteria laid down in Annex VI to Regulation (EC) No 882/2004.

Application forms for Approval / Registration regarding Animal Feedingstuffs

Animal Feed Leaflets