Countryside Management

Agri-environment Schemes aim to enhance the environment by providing funding to farmers in return for managing their land in a sustainable way.

Agri-environment schemes are funded under the NI Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.
The aims are to enhance farmland biodiversity, improve the quality of water, air and soil, enhance the landscape, and help mitigate climate change.
Agri-environment schemes include:
  • N Ireland Countryside Management Scheme (NICMS)
  • Organic Farming Scheme (OFS)
NICMS and OFS are currently closed to application.
For information on older Agri-environment schemes which began under the previous Rural Development Programme 2000-2006, for example, the Environmentally Sensitive Areas Scheme and Countryside Management Scheme, please see ESA/CMS Agri-environment schemes.
Countryside Management also checks for compliance with DARD's area based schemes.  This includes inspections for land eligibility, Single Farm Payment, Less Favoured Area Compensatory Allowance, and Agri-environment schemes.

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