Going for Growth - A Strategic Action Plan

Agri-food is one of the our most successful industries with a proven track record for growth with sales of over £4bn per annum and accounting for around 10% of our private sector employment.   In recognition of this, the Executive included a commitment in the Programme for Government to develop a strategic action plan for the agri-food sector.

In May 2012, DARD and DETI appointed the industry led Agri-Food Strategy Board (AFSB) to make recommendations in respect of the growth targets, strategic priorities and actions to be included in that Plan.  The AFSB undertook extensive consultation with the agri-food industry and other stakeholders and developed a report, Going for Growth, which includes more than 100 recommendations aimed at accelerating the growth of farming, fishing and food and drink processing in Northern Ireland to 2020 and beyond.
The Strategic Action Plan ‘Going for Growth’ can be viewed here:
In response to Going for Growth, the NI Executive has agreed an action plan, outlining actions to be progressed across relevant Departments and Agencies.
The full NI Executive Action Plan can be found here:
In February 2015, the DARD and DETI Ministers announced the re-appointment of the Agri-Food Strategy Board for a further 2 year period until February 2017. The Board has been reappointed to take forward the industry-led actions and to provide advice to Executive Departments and Agencies on a range of issues affecting the agri-food sector.
For further information, you may wish to contact the AFSB Secretariat ( info@agrifoodstrategyboard.org.uk) or refer to the AFSB website ( www.agrifoodstrategyboard.org.uk)