2014 Single Application Process

This page contains information, guidance and forms that you will find useful or need to help you complete this year's Single Application, online or on paper. To complete your 2014 Single Application online,

click here.

Your 2014 Single Application for Single Farm Payment, Less Favoured Area Compensatory Allowances, NI Countryside Management Scheme and NI Organic Farming Scheme should be submitted to the Department by 15 May 2014. Applications received between 16 May 2014 and 9 June 2014 will receive a financial penalty. Applications will not be accepted after 9 June 2014 except in exceptional circumstances.
The Single Application online service is the most efficient and secure method of submitting your application. It has added benefits this year as the application will be pre-populated with your previous year’s claim so you will only have to record changes.The improved online farm map service will also make it all the easier to complete your application accurately.

More online applications can help us pay more farmers earlier.

It is important that you do not assume that you should claim the Maximum Eligible Area (MEA) for each field. The MEA is our assessment of the eligible area of your fields but you need to check whether there are any other ineligible areas that we have not picked up on. If you claim for these ineligible areas, and we find these at inspection, your payment is likely to be delayed and, depending on the results of our investigations, your claim will be reduced and you may be penalised.



The following video is a recorded demo showing how to complete your 2014 Single Application online.