Cross Compliance

The term Cross-Compliance refers to the requirement for farmers to comply with a set of Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs) and keep their land in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) in order to quality for full payments under the following schemes.

  • Single Payment Scheme;
  • Less Favoured Area Compensatory Allowances Scheme;
  • Aid for Energy Crops;
  • Protein Crop Premium;
  • Organic Farming Scheme;
  • NI Countryside Management Scheme;
  • Woodland Grant Scheme (agreements signed on or after 1/1/07)
  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme (agreements signed on or after 1/1/07)
  • Sustainable Forest Operation Grant Scheme (agreements signed on or after 1/1/07)
The SMRs relate to areas of public, animal and plant health, environment and animal welfare. The standards of GAEC relate to issues of soil erosion, soil organic matter, soil structure, ensuring minimum level of maintenance, avoiding the deterioration of habitats, the extraction of water for irrigation, and the protection of groundwater against pollution.
Since the introduction of Cross-Compliance in 2005, a number of guidance documents have been produced each setting out the Cross-Compliance Verifiable Standards that applied at that point in time. To avoid any confusion these documents, which contain out-of-date information, have been removed from this site and replaced with the current Verifiable Standards. If you require copies of past Cross-Compliance guidance documentation please contact Ken Laverty at e-mail address or on telephone number 028 90525549.

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