Welcome to the new DARD Website

Welcome to the new DARD Website which went live for the first time on Monday 24th June 2013.  The website has been totally re-designed and refreshed and hopefully visitors will find it much easier to navigate around.  


A forward navigation feature is now included, removing the need to backtrack when moving from page to page.

Featured Content

The Featured Content at the top of the home page will be driven by the biggest events affecting the department and its customers and can be updated as often as required.  The News Ticker, just below the Featured Content, will be updated more frequently – for example when a new Press Release is issued, hourly, daily – whatever business dictates is required.

Introducing Themes

The main content of the website has now been organised into a series of Themes rather than on a business area basis.  This will make searching and navigation simpler for customers.

Additional Information

The four pods at the bottom of the homepage entitled Popular Issues, Consultations, Alternative Formats and Information On will be reactive to the number of visitors received.  The most sought after information will automatically go to the top of the relevant pod, making it easier for customers to find.


The Web Unit is keen to improve and develop the site and welcomes any feedback. You can do this by left BY CLICKING ON THE “Contact Us” tab on the top info bar, and using the “feedback to the web team” link.