Drainage Council Publication Scheme

As part of the Freedom of Information Act (2000) all public authorities are required to produce a scheme for the proactive release of information to the public.  In line with this the Drainage Council for Northern Ireland have produced a publication scheme specifying the information that it produces, along with details on how this information can be obtained.

Listed below are the details of the information produced relating to the Drainage Council for Northern Ireland.

Information available online

Information available upon request

The following can be requested by contacting the Drainage Council
  • Rules and Regulations -

    The rules and regulations for the Drainage Council are made by the Council and approved by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Press Notices -

    Current notices in press regarding vacancies on Drainage Council, job specification, blank applications, guidance and confirming current appointments to Drainage Council
  • Induction material provided to newly appointed Members of the Drainage Council -

    Including History of State Interest in Drainage and the Birth of the Drainage Council, Criteria for Designation and De-Designation of Watercourses, Definition of Drainage Works, and Procedures for Referral to the Drainage Council.
  • Criteria for Designation and De-designation of Watercourses -

    sets out the legal background to designation of watercourses for maintenance at public expense
  • Rules of Procedure for Drainage Council -

    made by the Council on 23 February 2000 and approved by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in pursuance of paragraph 7 of the First Schedule to Drainage (NI) Order 1973
  • Business Books Provided to Drainage Council -

    containing details of designations accepted at the last meeting and designations, schemes and works for proposal at the Council meeting
  • Register of Members' Interests -

    with declaration of any personal or business interest which may potentially conflict with their role as a Drainage Council Member
  • Attendance Record of Individual Members -

    during the current term
  • Total Expenses of the Drainage Council -

    incurred in the current meeting arrangements and travel expenses claimed
  • Report of any current review or Audit of Drainage Council -

    to ensure efficient and effective function