Plant & Tree Health

There are many plant and tree pests and diseases which, if they were to become established in Northern Ireland, could cause serious damage to our agricultural and horticultural crops, forestry, and natural environment.

Plant Health Inspection Branch implements statutory controls in relation to Plant Health.
This includes:
  • Surveys for a range of quarantine pests and diseases
  • Implementing controls in relation to findings / outbreaks of quarantine plant pests/diseases
  • Ensuring compliance with controls on the movement of regulated plants within the EU.
  • Inspection of regulated plants and plant products from outside the EU landed in Northern Ireland.
  • Inspection and plant health certification of exports of plant material to countries outside the EU
Forest Service implements statutory plant health controls in relation to wood and bark.
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What’s ‘App’ening @ DARD Plant Health?

Are you interested in plants, trees and the environment?  You could be an extra pair of eyes while you are out and about this summer, and help DARD safeguard Northern Ireland’s plant and tree health.
There are many pests and diseases which could cause serious damage to our forests, crops, gardens and the countryside.
With DARD’s new TreeCheck app on your smartphone, you can report any suspicious symptoms you see and send details, along with a photograph, to our Plant Health Inspectors who will follow it up.
Go to , download the new 'TreeCheck' app and start looking!

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